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вторник, 5 марта 2013 г.

сайт монстер хай свит 1600

сайт монстер хай свит 1600

сайт монстер хай свит 1600

Monster High - Play Games, Watch Videos <b>for</b> Kids | Monster High

Monster High

сайт монстер хай свит 1600

Welcome to Monster High, where the kids of famous monsters rule the school! Watch creep-tastic kids videos and play fang-tastic games. Explore the school by visiting the Student Lounge to kick back and play or catch up on the latest ghoulish gossip of Teen Scream Magazine or learn more about Monster High Magazine. read fun facts about each student. take the Monster High Quiz and design your own scary-cool Fearbook —the freaky fun never ends at MonsterHigh.com.

Register for school now and get your creepy class schedule. From academics. to athletics. to the arts. you’ll have a spook-tacular time at Monster High!

Here, you’ll meet all the Monster High ghouls and the frighteningly fashionable students, including Draculaura. Clawdeen Wolf. Frankie Stein and more!

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